Usage of Menstrual Cup

Usage of menstrual cup- The challenges

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Usage of Menstrual Cup by Mind Map: Usage of Menstrual Cup

1. Insertion is difficult

1.1. Have to fold the cup before insertion

1.1.1. Different types of folds possible Only the best( min dia) type of fold should be possible

1.1.2. Requires practice Fold should be intuitive and happen without much effort

1.1.3. The fold opens up while inserting

1.2. Firm grip not available

1.2.1. The fold opens up while insertion Prevent the fold from opening up

1.3. The form makes it difficult to insert

1.3.1. The top is wider than the base Streamline the form

1.4. The user panics or is in a haste

1.4.1. The pelvic muscles contract The passage becomes narrower

1.4.2. Inform the user to relax before insertion

1.5. The cup doesn't pop open after insertion at times

1.5.1. The vacuum won't be maintained The cup won't be leak proof Ensure that the cup pops open

2. Maintenance is a hassle

2.1. The need to sterilize the cup after every use

2.1.1. Need to have a separate set of utensils for the purpose

2.1.2. Make sterilization easier

2.2. Need to store it away from anyone else's reach

2.2.1. Anyone finding it would lead to embarrassment Provide a bag to conceal/ store it

2.3. Need to rinse and clean before every use

2.3.1. Requires extra effort Focus on the incentives

2.3.2. To maintain hygiene Promote menstrual hygiene habits

3. Removal is difficult

3.1. Need to locate the cup

3.1.1. If the cup doesn't have a stem it can become difficult Make a stem or locater that doesn't cause discomfort

3.2. Need to get a grip on the base for retraction

3.2.1. There's no tactile signifier or affordance to indicate the right way to grip The user has to fidget around to remove the cup Make an easily collapsible product with affordance to grip

3.3. The user needs to pinch the base not pull the stem

3.3.1. Smooth surface makes it difficult to get a grip Make the surface graspable

3.3.2. Pinching can cause spillage if the cup is overfilled Seal the top before pinching or avoid pinching

3.3.3. To release the vacuum created Alternate way of releasing vacuum

3.4. Difficult to take the cup out upright

3.4.1. The reachability of the hand( wrist) is limited at an awkward angle

3.4.2. Eliminate the need to take it out upright or make it reachable

4. There are apprehensions about the using the cup

4.1. The form looks intimidating

4.1.1. The top is wider than the base Streamline the shape

4.1.2. The top diameter is greater than that of the vaginal opening Consider the dia of the vaginal opening

4.2. Use and throw alternatives available

4.2.1. Lack of sense of responsibility towards environment Raise environmental conciousness

4.3. Not perceived as hygienic enough due to reuse

4.3.1. Unused products pose a great threat to it's market Talk about the hazards related to the seemingly safe products

4.4. Accustomed to certain existing products

4.4.1. Intoduced to them by family/ peers Pass info through another channel

5. The instructions are unclear

5.1. Non-informative graphics

5.1.1. It takes time to find the right way to use it and at times leads to frustration Better and detailed graphics on the packaging

5.2. No info about what is "okay"/ "normal"

5.2.1. The usage appears scary and leads to panic Dos and don'ts on the packaging and what to do if something unusual happens

6. There are prevalent myths around the cup

6.1. Stigma around insertion based menstrual products in India

6.1.1. Linked to "deflowering" Eliminate the stigma/ social reform

6.2. Family's insist on not using the product

6.2.1. Moral policing around a product intended for better menstrual hygiene Focus on the benefits

6.3. Apprehension in women because it is often linked to sexual activity

6.3.1. Sexually inactive women are told it would cause discomfort Involve medical practitioners in the talks

7. Lack of public sanitation amenities

7.1. Clean up during travel becomes a problem

7.1.1. Unavailability of public toilets for women

7.1.2. Poor condition of public toilets

7.1.3. Restricted spaces

7.2. User only wants to clean up in the comfort of her own place

7.2.1. Sense of privacy and relaxed environment

7.3. Provide better public sanitation facilities for women

8. Lack of awareness

8.1. The talk about menstruation is still a taboo

8.1.1. Asoociated with shame/ embarrassment Root level efforts to get the talk started

8.2. Unaware of the health hazards posed by the alternatives

8.2.1. The deteriorating health of women Initiatives by the health ministry to provide better info

8.3. Unaware of the benefits of the product

8.3.1. Still link the the product to discomfort Demos, testimonials, etc

8.4. Lack of advertisements/ PSAs

8.4.1. Unaware of the availability Strategically placed advertisements to allow the flow of info

8.5. Unaware of the existence of the product

8.5.1. Educate the users about the product