Journey Towards a Growth Mindset

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Journey Towards a Growth Mindset by Mind Map: Journey Towards a Growth Mindset

1. Step 2: Find out what triggers this fixed persona

1.1. 2.1

1.1.1. I get thoughts about myself that are influenced by the fixed persona. These thoughts can be considered triggers that make the fixed mindset come into play in my everday life. These include: Telling myself that I am not as good as someone else (comparing) and/or doubts in my own capabilities. In response to this, I act for lack of a better word, a grouch. I treat myself as if I am not prepared enough for the career change. During these times, my daughter suffers as I am not my best self. My wife is a huge supporter of mine and I seem to have my fixed persona get in the way of her inspirational advice that claims "You can do it".

1.2. 2.2

1.2.1. Other people's actions can trigger my fixed persona. For example: Not believing in me and/or putting me down. However, this can be used to build resilience and self reliance.

1.3. 2.3

1.3.1. I need to pinpoint what failures trigger this fixed persona. These failures for myself include getting passed up for a job opportunity and/or failing academically.

2. Step 4: Educate my persona "Career Changer"

2.1. 4.1

2.1.1. I need to educate "Career Changer" to help support me. When this persona produces thoughts (see 2.1 ) that compare me to someone else or feed doubt amongst myself I can change the way think about these thoughts. Perhaps by telling my fixed mindset that "I don't need to compare myself to others, I can become my OWN professional educator. In addition, this fixed mindset will not be able to keep me from believing in myself.

2.2. 4.2

2.2.1. I will need educate the fixed mindset to accept the actions of others. These actions can then be appliied as encoraugement on the journey to a growth mindset. For example, I will react to these actions by re-wording them in my mind. Take for instance, "I will believe in myself no matter what others believe about me" instead of just believing that I am not worthy of reaching my goals. In addition, I will take negative feedback from getting put down and use this to propel forward by taking more innitiative. I will bounce back and rise above the nay-sayers.

2.3. 4.3

2.3.1. I will educate my fixed mindset on helping others grow towards their own growth mindset. I am going to use my knowledge of my triggers, the affects of this persona and embrace it. Using this knowledge, it will help me make sure others are aware of how to find what triggers, his/her own persona and how it affects them along with embracing their own persona.

3. Step 1: Embrace the Fixed Mindset

3.1. 1.1

3.1.1. I need to accept that I am going through a learning process. When I experience doubt, it is usually negative and does not support growth.

3.2. 1.2

3.2.1. I need embrace my fixed mindset and use it to look at the "bigger picture".

3.3. 1.3

3.3.1. Understand that the fixed mindset can lead to discovering self-worth. This mindset, can spell out a person's inner fears as well as pin-point what changes are needed to be made. For example,

4. Step 3: Name this Persona-"Career Changer"

4.1. 3.1

4.1.1. 3.2 3.3 I have noticed that every time my fixed mindset comes into play that I act "down" and depressed about what I have not achieved yet. However, this makes me more determined to become a professional in the field of Education. I have begun to work more diiligently towards this ultimute goal as I am joining PLN's (Professional Learning Networks) to become a more engaged learner. My fixed persona has affected others in the process. My wife is very encouraging and is supportive of my goal. However, when I let my fixed mindset talk me into getting "down" I get overwhelmed by the situation at hand and become negative. I begin to talk down to myself saying I can't do this or that. This in turn upsets those around me especially my wife by making her concerned.

4.1.2. How my fixed mindset makes me feel is very important to know. My fixed mindset sometimes makes me feel stuck. I feel sometimes that I am not capable of making a change to a new career and being successful.