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EP by Mind Map: EP

1. Promotion

1.1. Social media promotion including constant updates on the progress we are making in order to build excitement

1.2. Posters around college and local area to inform people not only of the EP but also for when we perform for the EP launch.

1.3. Ask bigger artists to recommend our music on social media. This is a great way to build a following through other artists similar to you.

1.4. Perform on local radio shows to get the word out, gradually going on more popular radio shows.

2. Locations

2.1. Write music and record demo at college

2.2. Rehearse at college and around my house

2.3. Final recording will be done at Saltwell studio

3. Audience

3.1. Teenagers/young adults

3.2. Mainly focused on UK but will need a little American appeal

3.3. Will be also aimed at record labels so will be dropping recordings off at big labels that deal with the type of bands we sound like such as Interscope and Vagrant.

4. Evaluation

4.1. A strength will be that this project is very creatively challenging so will allow me to expand my creative skills and streamline my creative process.

4.2. A weakness i will have to overcome for this project is consistent creativity and self evaluation in order to streamline the best content fo put on the EP.

5. Outside help

5.1. Since we play all the instruments ourselves we will only really need help on the technical side of the recording and mastering process

5.2. Teachers will be useful to help tell us if our projects have enough scope as well as helping us with our evaluation of our own works.

5.3. Peer evaluation will be very useful as our peers are also in the age group for our intended audience. Their input on what they like will allow us to gear our music to fit with who we want listening.

6. Logistics

6.1. Money at the moment will be difficult which is why we are using the college setup to first get the demo in order to maximise paid studio time

6.2. For this project we will be using mostly college setup whilst using my own studio setup for practicing at home.

7. Designs

7.1. We already have a logo designed so will only need to find someone to make the artwork for the EP cover.