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Create an EP by Mind Map: Create an EP

1. Band

1.1. For this project I decided to team up with Three other people to create a Band of four to make an EP

1.2. Our band members are:

1.2.1. Callum Carter-Begbie Bass

1.2.2. Charlie Palmer-Howard Guitar/Vocals

1.2.3. Charlie Holmes Drums

1.2.4. Cameron Patrick Guitar

2. Budget

2.1. How much will be raised?

2.1.1. We do not know as it depends if we get any funding before buying all the stuff we need

2.2. How much money will be spent?

2.2.1. We have a small idea on how much we will be loosing just to get us started out

2.3. How much profit might be made?

2.3.1. You can never know how much you will get back in the end as it could be a flop but hopefully we make it through

3. Preparation

3.1. We have been working on songs to put for our EP

3.2. We done research to help prepare us for making an EP allowing us what to expect when things go south

3.3. We are already prepped with finding producers for our band consists of two tech students

4. Aim/Objectives

4.1. Our aim is to work in a group or on our own for the FMP - I've chosen to work in a group with people

4.2. Our goal is to create an EP for our FMP

5. Audience

5.1. Our targeted audience is mostly aimed to people around 17-26 but good music will reach more

6. Resources

6.1. Main studio

6.2. Drum kit

6.3. Our own instruments

6.4. Microphones

6.5. Amps

7. Time Management

7.1. Gotta keep ourselves in time with everything - trying to fit practice time in our free time, trying to get the songs done and finished before the end of the FMP

8. Permotion

8.1. Posters will be posted about our local area

8.2. We will also be giving out flyers for the songs

8.3. Posting on social media