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Creating an EP by Mind Map: Creating an EP

1. Budgeting

1.1. How will budget be raised?

1.2. How much money is needed?

1.3. What are the likely expenses?

1.4. How profitable might the project be?

2. Time management

2.1. We need to plan when each instrument will be recording and how long each will take

2.2. Plan how long the mixing will take and any extra things we want t add to the songs

3. Group/band

3.1. we may collaborate with other people outside of our band/group

3.2. Our band members are:

3.2.1. Charlie Palmer-Howard Guitar and lead vocals

3.2.2. Callum Carter-Begbie Bass and backing vocals

3.2.3. Charlie Holmes Drums

3.2.4. Cameron Patrick Guitar

4. Aims/Objectives

4.1. To create an Ep with at least 3 songs

4.2. Create songs that are challenging for us and unique that have a good meaning behind them

4.3. To create good mixes for each of the songs

5. Audience

5.1. We are aiming fr a rock/punk/hard rock audience

5.2. This will aim for people in there late teens and 20's

6. Resources

6.1. We will need Microphones,

6.2. The main studio

6.3. The College Drum Kits

6.4. Amplifiers and Speakers

7. Preparation

7.1. Have all of the songs structured and planned out

7.2. Write down all of the tabs and lyrics and record the drums

7.3. Have all of the ideas, planning and research tasks complete before we start recording

7.4. Practise these song

8. Staff

8.1. Sound engineer

8.2. Producer

9. Promotion

9.1. get our EP put on Tunecore

9.2. Start our own social media

9.3. Sell EP's around college

9.4. Give out flyers