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1. Aims

1.1. To record an EPs worth of material

1.2. To release certain tracks

1.3. To host a gig to celebrate the recording

2. Objectives

2.1. To host a gig to celebrate the recording of our EP

2.2. To play part in the mixing process of the band's EP. In the mixing process I'll prepare the mix for the sound engineers by comping vocals, finding a rough balance for the tracks and adding effects to channels.

2.3. Release certain tracks at a time to build up to our whole album being recorded

2.4. To Promote it

2.5. To take charge of the marketing

3. Date

3.1. We'd like to get out tracks finished by the 27th of June

3.2. We'd like to host our gig during the summer break

4. Time

4.1. Most of our time will be spent on recording (6 to 8 weeks)

4.2. During recording we'll plan our gig and set up a platform for us to release our music on all streaming platforms

5. Location

5.1. Most if not all my work will be done in college as I have the facilities I need here

5.2. I'll be using various studios to mix the bands tracks and record the parts needed

6. Resources

6.1. We'll need access to the main studio so we can record all of our drum tracks

6.2. I'll need access to a DAW and an audio interface to record guide tracks and parts of our tracks

6.3. I'll need a studio with a monitor set up to give the band's tracks a mix

7. Audience

7.1. The product of this project will be aimed at our current fan base as well as a wider audience around the same age as us

7.2. Promoters, distributors, etc.

8. Promotion

8.1. The band will promote the EP at our gigs we have during the recording

8.2. We'll also promote our EP release on flyers, posters and on our social media

9. Marketing

9.1. I'll research our followers and see what other artists they're interested in so we can therefore take inspiration from them

9.2. Research bands we're interested in so we can take inspiration from their album art and how they release their music