Musical Performance DVD

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Musical Performance DVD by Mind Map: Musical Performance DVD

1. web design

1.1. Artistic design

1.1.1. internet ideas for visual effects of video

1.1.2. Speak to art students about design of front of DVD or introduction to video. Speak to Web design students about collaborative ideas books

2. Artistic Performance

2.1. Performers experience

2.2. camera angles

2.2.1. playing to the camera

2.2.2. internet

3. Promotion

3.1. social media

3.2. college media

3.2.1. College Radio Local Radio

3.2.2. local newspaper

4. Set up

4.1. speak to technical students

4.2. Work on producing the image I have of performances for video

5. Collabortive support from other students

5.1. speak to students about subjects to discuss on video

5.1.1. interview techniques

5.1.2. Research techniques for interviewing on internet

6. Rehearsal

6.1. Work consistently to be ready for recording

6.1.1. Work specifically on performance as I would when recording

7. Aims

7.1. Produce an Artistically performed musical video

7.1.1. Think about structure Easy listening Auidence

8. Resources

8.1. Research on producing the packaging or producing the video for the web

8.1.1. Media ebay

9. Costs

9.1. Work out costs

9.1.1. Work out profit

10. Marketing and advertising

10.1. speak to business students

10.1.1. speak to tutors Research internet for methods into marketing social media