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My EP by Mind Map: My EP

1. Promotion

1.1. Social media

1.1.1. Social media helps promote the release of our EP because it will share the news to all of our followers.

1.2. Flyers

1.2.1. These help promote the EP launch because it shows people the gig date and valuable information.

1.3. Posters

1.3.1. Posters show off the the gig and hype it up which is a good way of promoting something.

1.4. Newspapers

1.4.1. Quite a few people read the newspaper and if they keep seeing something in the newspaper then they will be more likely to come along for the event

1.5. Radio

1.5.1. The radio helps spread the news around about your band to all types of different people which is a good promotional option.

1.6. Email

1.6.1. You can email friends family or other promoters about the gig to help you get more people down for the event.

2. Aims

2.1. EP

2.1.1. With the EP we aim to record the drums and other things in limited time so we are going to practice all the songs till we know them off by heart.

2.2. Good quality recording

2.2.1. We aim to mix and master the tracks together so they sound the way we want them to.

3. Objectives

3.1. Record an EP and make it the best we can

3.1.1. The way we plan to achieve this is by working really hard to get the tracks sounding the best possible way.

4. Date

4.1. We start the actual FMP when we come back from half term which is the 21st April

5. Time

5.1. When recording the EP we will be using the studio and resources during college hours.

6. Location

6.1. We would be recording the EP in college

6.2. We would be playing at local venues either in voodoo lounge in Stamford or met lounge in Peterborough

7. Marketing

7.1. Website design

7.1.1. The website design is important as it encourages people to take a look at the page and what we have to show

7.2. Poster design

7.2.1. The poster design is also very important because if it's bright and eye catching then it'll be more likely that people come down to the gig.

8. Resources

8.1. Main studio

8.2. Drum kit

8.3. Mics for recording

8.4. Cubase

9. Audience

9.1. Age

9.1.1. The audience depends on age because our audience is more aimed towards the younger generation as we're an alternative indie band.

9.2. Location

9.2.1. We have a larger fan base in stamford and Peterborough so it would be wiser to set up an EP launch in these areas