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My EP by Mind Map: My EP

1. Time

1.1. We would have to record the EP within College hours as we would be using the College Recording Studio

2. Date

2.1. The process of making the EP would take about 7 weeks

3. Objectives

3.1. To record a 5 Track EP and release on Music Platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

4. Location

4.1. We would want to record the EP at college because it will be free and a lot of Recording Studios are expensive

4.2. We would be playing at a local venue as the majority of our audience is local so this would mean that they could easily get to our EP Launch.

5. Marketing

5.1. Website Design

5.2. Poster Design

6. Promotion-

6.1. Social Media

6.1.1. We would use all of these to promote us to the public so that local people know who we are and what we are doing.

6.2. Posters

6.3. Flyers

6.4. Radio

6.5. Newspapers

6.6. Email

7. Audience

7.1. I will go on my Bands Instagram to look at the highest percentage of the different age groups we have and pick the highest percentage and trying

8. Aim

8.1. I would like to get either a Merit or a Distinction for this FMP Idea. I reckon i could get a Merit but i if i push myself