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1. Aim

1.1. To host a workshop that educates people on working in a band environment

2. Objectives

2.1. To find a location for the event

2.2. Promote it

2.3. To script it

3. Date

3.1. The event should take place on a college day during a time most people don't have lessons

4. Time

4.1. It should take us around 4 weeks to plan, rehearse for and promote the event

5. Location

5.1. We'll promote it, rehearse and showcase the event on college grounds

6. Resources

6.1. A rehearsal studio

6.2. A location to showcase the workshop

7. Audience

7.1. Younger musicians who have recently joined a band, are looking to joining a band or are looking to be session musicians.

8. Promotion

8.1. We'll promote the workshop on our social media and on flyers around college

9. Marketing

9.1. We'll compose a survey to send around college to research how many musicians in the college would be interested and when they're most likely able to view it