Improvisation clinic

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Improvisation clinic by Mind Map: Improvisation clinic

1. Aims

1.1. to teach the level 2s how to improvise to a standard.

1.2. show them how I do it and how my band comes up with songs

1.3. get a level 2 band to come up and have a go

2. promotions

2.1. make a poster for it and put it up in the theatre which will be targeting the level 2s

2.2. get the word out and get it mentioned on the TVs about college

3. Date

3.1. I would want this done by the end of college so around the end of May

4. Objectives

4.1. to teach the year 2s how to get better at improvisation and song writing

4.2. to teach steps on how to get more fluent on their instrument/area of expertise in music.

5. Location

5.1. The best place for this kind of thing would be the theatre in college.

6. Resources

6.1. Full drum kit, guitar amps, vocal mics, PA, jacks and XLRs for performing as an example throughout the clinic.

6.2. A projector and a screen for a presentation.

6.3. paper and a pen for a speech