Tiny desk concert

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Tiny desk concert by Mind Map: Tiny desk concert

1. Aims

1.1. giving the general public an idea of how me and my band write music and answering to the best of my ability

1.2. being able to play the band's songs and break them down as I go along.

1.3. to answer questions that the public ask and me provide an answer.

2. promotions

2.1. put posters up all over college describing what it is and how it will be useful with date and times and the location on.

2.2. Post something on our band page about it as it will be a collaborative project from the whole band.

2.3. get the NCS music team on insta to shout it out

3. Time

3.1. It would take anywhere from 20-30 minutes, this completely depends on how many songs we decide to perform and break down though.

4. location

4.1. An idea where I would like it to take place is either the library which would be good place as that is where usual sort of lectures like that take place.

4.2. Or in the bistro as a lot more people sit there and walk past and will be more willing to sit down, listen and participate in the Q&A section of the concert, and it would just be good entertainment for the people sat in the bistro having a coffee.

5. date

5.1. I would be looking to do it around the 15th May as it would be mid week so most people would be in college that day and it would be near to the end of the project.

6. Objectives

6.1. To come up with a detailed analysis and break down of our songs after we have performed them showing how we changed over time and adding detailed stories of what we went through whilst creating the songs which could've influenced the final outcome of what we created.

6.2. Make sure I am ready to the best of my ability to answer questions that might be thrown out there and to put in a full detailed answer making sure that it is relevant to the topic

7. resources

7.1. I would need the full gig kit

7.2. drum kit

7.3. amps & monitors

7.4. PA system

7.5. vocal mics

7.6. jacks & XLRs

7.7. I would also need a mic to pass round the audience so they can answer the questions whilst being heard.