Drum/Lyric clinic

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Drum/Lyric clinic by Mind Map: Drum/Lyric clinic

1. Promotion

1.1. Social media

1.1.1. This is a good technique to use because it tells all of our followers that we have an event taking place at this date, time and place and they can view it whenever they want.

1.2. Posters

1.2.1. This is a good tactic to use because you can get a really good design and get people to come along with the fact it's eye catching because it makes it appeal to more people.

1.3. Flyers

1.3.1. These are useful because you can post them up everywhere and hand them to loads of people and they will take a look at it and either come along or suggest to someone who may be interested.

1.4. Page on a website

1.4.1. This would be useful because then anyone can come across it especially if it's on the college website.

2. Aims

2.1. Get young people into creating music with friends for fun or as a career choice and make them understand the importance of each role in the band

3. Marketing

3.1. Poster design

3.1.1. The poster has to catch the audiences attention otherwise no one will want to come.

3.2. Website design

3.2.1. With the website it needs to be interesting and get people to form an interest in the idea of having other musicians talk to them about being in a band and playing an instrument

4. Location

4.1. College Theatre

4.1.1. The reason I selected this location is because it's big enough and it will be a good atmosphere to talk to people about music and being in a band and also the different instruments used in different bands. It is also good to demonstrate our skills on our instruments.

5. Time

5.1. The time span needed for this project to take off would be 5 weeks of planning and getting it all set up and then to actually pull the project off in the final week

6. Date

6.1. This would all be taking place straight after half term I would be working with someone else to get it ready.

7. Audience

7.1. Age

7.1.1. The age group we would be targeting are people our age or young adults.

7.2. Location

7.2.1. Because of it being held in the theatre it would mainly target the people in college or in the stamford area.

8. Objectives

8.1. Create a clinic for young musicians or people who want to start playing an instrument

8.2. By doing this it should inspire young people to pick up an instrument and start playing or give them an idea of what to start playing or help them improve on their instrument.