English Outdoor Lesson


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English Outdoor Lesson by Mind Map: English Outdoor Lesson

1. Students make a claim about the school based on what they notice about the outside/surroundings.

2. Lesson Starters:

2.1. What do you notice?

2.1.1. Why is that important?

3. Toolbox:

3.1. index cards or sticky notes

3.2. writing utensil

3.3. model CEW

4. Activity

4.1. Teacher can model the CEW in the classroom first or outside. Students will typically need the most help with making a thorough, specific warrant.

4.2. Students explore a designated area and form a claim. Students then provide evidence for their claims. Finally, students explain HOW their evidence proves their claim.

4.3. Partner up and circle/underline the keywords in the evidence your partner used to warrant his/her claim.