A Culture of Health

PHR 3420 Health Chart

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A Culture of Health by Mind Map: A Culture of Health

1. Prescribing Practices

1.1. Monitoring Programs - Electronic records of prescriptions for each patient and for physicians to ensure honest practice

1.2. Alternative Treatment - Working to lower prescription necessity by offering alternative or complementary practices

2. Accountable Care

2.1. Collaborative Care - Establishing patients with a team of providers

2.2. Efficiency- working to eliminate medical errors and lowering health costs

3. Education

3.1. Patient Education - Empowering communities with knowledge through public health events and medical intervention

3.2. Provider Education - Inclusive care training and increasing awareness of comprehensive care practices

4. Access to Care

4.1. Ease of Access - More community health clinics and using technology to provide care electronically

4.2. Insurance - Increasing coverage under governmental health insurance programs

5. Health Equity

5.1. Basic Resources - every community should have access to quality food, water and medicine regardless of economic status

5.2. Inclusive Practices - Everyone should receive appropriate care regardless of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or culture