Tech Circle Reflection

All about Nearpod, VoiceThread, and Seesaw

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Tech Circle Reflection by Mind Map: Tech Circle Reflection

1. Nearpod

1.1. The whole class can work on the website at the same time

1.2. An interactive lesson plan, presentation, and assessment tool.

1.2.1. Presentations

1.2.2. Quizzes

1.2.3. Polls

1.2.4. Videos

1.2.5. Images

1.2.6. Links

1.3. Students can access on their iPad

1.4. Accessible for both teachers and students.

2. VoiceThread

2.1. interactive presentation

2.2. A program that lets you create videos.

2.3. Students can make comments throughout the video or presentation.

2.3.1. It is accessible with using an app or the website itself.

2.4. When you use the App through your phone

3. SeeSaw

3.1. Kid friendly facebook

3.1.1. similar to canvas

3.1.2. allows for blogs, journals, skills, activities, and inboxes

3.2. Kids can comment on posts

3.2.1. parents can comment too realtime parent interaction

3.3. Students can post things, like different social medias.

3.4. Students can use it to upload and share their work with their classmates, teachers and parents.

3.4.1. It promotes parent involvement