Programacion en visual Basic

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Programacion en visual Basic by Mind Map: Programacion en visual Basic

1. Form:

2. Tool box

3. the forms are treated as controls with their properties, events and methods.

4. textbox, label, commandbutton

5. Rename element: Show everything List view Choose items Sort elements alphabetically Reset toolbar Add tab Go up Go down

6. controls

7. ownership of objects

8. An object represents an element of an application, such as a spreadsheet, a cell, a graphic, a form, or a report. In Visual Basic code, you must identify an object to apply one of the object's methods or change the value of one of the properties

9. control structure

10. It is a common practice to facilitate the reading of nested structures to apply indentation to the body of each of them. The integrated development editor (IDE) environment does it automatically.

11. applications and program

12. Applications is an almost complete subset of Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0.

13. Defines a programming element with a declaration statement and specifies its data type with the As clause. The following table shows the instructions used to declare various elements.

14. type of data

15. If a program is not regulated, proceed through the instructions it contains from start to finish. Some very simple programs can be written only with this unidirectional flow.

16. Flujo de control en Visual Basic