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Write a Blog Post by Mind Map: Write a Blog Post
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Write a Blog Post

A short guideline how to write a blog post. Define your steps, your guidelines and what has to be carefully planned.

2. Language

Talk to your readers, make conversation

Don't stick to perfect school language - talk as you talk face-to-face, use questions to allude, use hints to arise curiosity, ...

"Imagine having 1.000.000 € in your very own hand. Sounds good, but impossible in reality? Yet reality provides some miracles. Participate in a quiz show. Win the lottery...."

1. Create a title

Should be catchy

Should make your readers get curious

Short, precise

"How to become a millionaire"

3. Content

Specialize, go into details

Content should fit to your blog

"Up to now, 500 people won..."

4. Create an end

Leave it open

Ask your readers a question

Short summary, KISS (= Keep it simple and stupid)

Tell your opinion

"Real life also provides some miracles. So the dream of becoming a millionaire can go on. Are there more possiblities to get millions? What do you think?"

5. Decorate

Add picture

Makes content easier to read

Add an eyecatcher, e.g. Add a picture of the Spanish lottery winner


of grammar / spelling