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1. Song Lyrics

1.1. so paint my portrait The colors of my life And the untold stories are painted in black and white

1.1.1. Portraits of different people -12 separate people showing they are as individuals studio shoot harsh lighting on one side of the person showing character which takes up half of the image space and then fade it into another photo with the same kind of lighting but flipped to the other side and maybe having the person in a static position. the static position would be in black and white whereas the character photo would be colourful (either a light gel or just in colour. Have the people in a pose that they want. make sure that the back ground is black. take another photo of just a static up close portrait. Have the static portrait blend from the black background looking into the lens above the person. outdoors

1.2. I can hear the footsteps That follow to my pulse This paranoia has haunted me like a ghost

1.2.1. follows the journey of someone on a normal day. The person realizes that this hooded figure it following them everywhere. they try to escape by running. they get back to their apartment and closes the door. opens it and looks outside to realize there was no one there.

1.3. The song "Wild Things" by Alessia Cara - at he end of the song she says this "There’s a wild thing that exists in all of us. it lives in our passions and the people we love, in our subconscious thoughts, our beliefs, its even made home in the darkest parts of us, but we can’t be scared of it we have to become it. "

1.3.1. This song is about not hiding "the wild thing that lives inside of all of us". Its pushing the idea of not being ashamed of who you are and instead embracing it and showing it off to the world. "we cant be scared of it, we have to become it." For this series I want to have 12 studio portraits. I want these images to be bright and vibrant, with the people radiating energy and character through their body language and expression. I want the audience of my images to be able to tell how the person would be in real life. Full body shots with coloured back drop or white backdrop with a light with a gel on it to create colour in image in combination with the subjects clothing. 12 portraits of a diverse range of people. this is pushing the idea of being an individual and being comfortable in your own skin. Vibrant pictures with lots of colour. exploring the diversity of youth culture

1.3.2. exploring what makes us who we are Dramatic portraits of the different sides of youth

1.3.3. Exploring the issues that we face in youth culture such as self image issues, loneliness, substance abuse, anxiety and oppression. The song talks about being different and embracing it while my idea is that we are all unique but go through these issues and that we may feel as if this is only happening to us but in reality its happening to a lot of others and that you're not alone and that you shouldn't be afraid to talk about it. Idea: The series explores the issues listed with 5 different people/friends eating dinner together at a table. the first shot is of all of talking to one another demonstrating the "character". The next 10 shots are mainly just focusing on the people as individuals and the issues that they face. it starts off with a close up portrait of person 1 and the image after is of the same person but in a different location giving the viewer an insight into their life. this pattern carries on from person to person until all 5 people have been explored. The last image is of the empty table with items that represent each issue/person in the spots they were each sitting in. For the dinner shots i want them to have warm tones, whereas for the personal shots i want them to more of a cold tone. this will create a barrier between the two types of photos. i might go for a crashed black look with it being desaturated to suit the tone of the series. Self image issues Loneliness Substance abuse Anxiety Oppression