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Scottish Enterprise Funding by Mind Map: Scottish Enterprise Funding

1. STS: Asset Integrity Solutions (Ian McLeod)

1.1. Smart interactive pdf technical manuals

1.2. Remote inspection

1.3. NEXUS – Nuclear

1.4. Hydrogen

1.5. IMD

1.6. NEXUS tagged coding, Tablets, eWorker linkage / live reporting

1.7. Development of RBI standardised method / tool

1.8. Annulus testing developments

1.9. Machine based learning

1.10. Adaptive noise control on wind farms

1.11. Acoustic induced vibration study

1.12. Noise Exposure Management System

1.13. Flexible Pipe “Veridian based” development / screening tool, and quantitative RBI

2. STS: Clean Energy (Alan Mortimer)

2.1. Optimisation of Solar PV Assets

2.2. Machine learning for improved forecasting accuracy (Solar PV and Wind)

2.3. Integrity management and life extension for Wind

2.4. Lidar and Computational Fluid Dynamics data integration

2.5. Application of Asset Vision smart analytics to support Solar PV drone inspection services including infra-red thermography

2.6. Application of smart communications to enhance efficiency of remote and offshore working

2.7. Development of functional cross-team database containing project operational and performance data

2.8. Digitalisation of asset management services to enhance work efficiency

2.9. Application of advanced analytics to optimize constraints management approaches to wind plant operations

3. EAAA: Basra Gas Company (Andrew Gibson)

3.1. Whole of business live scorecard

3.2. Whole lifecycle material management

3.3. Self learning document scanning and generation of metadata

3.4. Wood Dashboards, Triptychs

3.5. Get eTools working in hostile environments

3.6. Workflow Development

4. STS: Subsea & Export Systems (Rob Kennedy)

4.1. Drilling & completion/workover riser analysis automation

4.2. Flexible riser digital twin and health dashboard

4.3. Subsea control system diagnostics web apps

4.4. Advanced subsea pipeline freespan assessment

4.5. Floating Wind Solutions

5. EAAA: Reducing Operations & Maintenance by 30%

5.1. APAC: James Clements/Chu Fleming/Andy Jacobs

5.1.1. Market review of available technology and tools to support improved productivity

5.1.2. Test new process and technology – end-to-end digitised solution

5.1.3. Understand and collaborate with IBM

5.2. eWorking - Worflow Development

5.2.1. eWorkPack

5.2.2. eXpert

5.2.3. iWMS

5.2.4. Smart Wearables - Honeywell

5.3. Wood Dashboards, Triptychs

5.4. Predictive Maintenance

5.4.1. Artifical Intelligence

5.5. 3D Laser Scanning?

5.6. Whole of business live scorecard

5.7. Spares Management - digitisation of equipment/material catalogue

6. EAAA: GoTechnologies Commissioning) - Josh Goolnik

6.1. eWorkPack2 - Paperless construction Works Packs

6.2. iWMS - Integrated Work Flow Management Solution

6.3. eHandovers - Paperless Handovers

6.4. WEFS - Work Execution Flow Structure

6.5. Cycle Time Analysis - How long different phases take

6.6. Office Ass-Ins - Integration with Microsoft Office 365

6.7. Project Simulation - Predictive outcome of project and project replays

6.8. ACM - Set up the workflow and have the completions system come to you at key decision points

7. EAAA: Rejuvenate UKCS (Steve Bartynek, Grant MacGregor)

7.1. Alan Johnstone

7.1.1. Engage with technology partners and developers to impreove effectiveness and efficiency