Cross Solution Institute Reports

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Cross Solution Institute Reports by Mind Map: Cross Solution Institute Reports

1. Where should they live?

1.1. Frontline Central?

2. What solutions should we focus on first?

2.1. What combination of solutions is most pervasive in our client base?

2.1.1. Absence & Recruit (~700)

2.2. What data is already in the warehouse

2.3. What data can be added to the warehouse

3. What opportunities or problems can we solve?

3.1. Better management of scheduled/predictable upcoming absences

3.1.1. Data: AT, PG, SEI

3.1.2. Professionally related absences

3.1.3. Partial In-service days

3.1.4. Scheduled PD

3.1.5. Events and conferences

3.1.6. Shared calendar functionality?

3.1.7. SEI PD

3.2. More efficient and timely recruiting

3.2.1. Data: R&H, AT

3.2.2. Staff attrition->recruiting pipelines->sub availability Mel

3.3. Improve quality of candidates

3.3.1. Data: PG, R&H

3.3.2. Certifications, experience, referral source

3.4. Improve the onboarding process

3.4.1. Data: R&H, PG

3.5. Teacher effectiveness

3.5.1. Data: R&H, PG, Student Standardized Tests

3.5.2. Risks - politically charged

3.6. Matching recruiting efforts with district needs (student sub-populations)

3.6.1. Data: R&H

3.6.2. SEI - paraprofessionals

4. How can we solve them?

4.1. KPIs

4.2. Trends

4.3. Predicitive Analysis

5. Project Overview

5.1. Value

5.1.1. Solves a pervasive problem leveraging data from at least 2 solutions

5.2. Feasibility

5.2.1. We have the technology, data, and resources to solve the problem by the EOY

5.3. ~Timelines

5.3.1. Q2 Initiative Charter Value Research Cost Research

5.3.2. Q4 Development

6. Next Actions

7. Assumptions

7.1. ETL

7.1.1. pull data out of the warehouse

8. Opportunities using real-time data