Design Ethics

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Design Ethics by Mind Map: Design Ethics

1. Four Ethical Dimensions

1.1. Performance Integrity

1.1.1. Immediate goal or purpose

1.1.2. Standards come from professional Associations

1.1.3. Focus on competency, integrity, and professionalism

1.2. Character and Personal Morality

1.2.1. Comes from human ability to design

1.2.2. Designers are not morally neutral

1.2.3. Moral dilemmas and issues arise and effect design process

1.3. Product Integrity

1.3.1. Structural Integrity of Form Proper performance of product

1.3.2. Usability of Form Proper operational features and controls Immediate use or functionality

1.3.3. Aesthetics of Form Final element of design; how it looks and feels Senses based "Beauty" based

1.4. Ethical Standards and Ultimate Purpose

1.4.1. Comes from service nature of design art

1.4.2. End purpose is to help people accomplish their own purposes