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Video Ads | Beach Videos by Mind Map: Video Ads | Beach Videos

1. MLM - Do you know why people are NOT here at the beach?

1.1. AD #1

1.1.1. You come online looking for an opportunity

1.1.2. You join an MLM and they tell you to do parties

1.1.3. The GURU's secret They are using internet marketing to get amazing results

1.1.4. CTA If you are tired of running after friends and family You want to promote something, automate it, and scale (duplicate) Get access to our free training showing you how we are able to do that

1.2. Retargeting

1.2.1. 3 Secrets GURU's are hiding from you 1. If you need to repeat something more than ones, record a video (content) 2. Automate with tools (funnels) 3. Make it easy so people can replicate (member's area) BONUS TIP: Email sequence to keep people engaged

2. EASIEST way to start doing business online

2.1. What are the business models that are available on the online market?

2.1.1. 1. Ecommerce product/shipping/customer service/big learning courve

2.1.2. 2. Affiliate marketing Need tools Learn how to drive traffic Medium learning curve People hold your money for more than 30 days

2.1.3. 3. Coaching You need a specialty Branding Lots of content for people to KLT Still need a site, funnel, all the other tools, and be able to drive traffic

2.1.4. 4. Agency You need a skills - something you are really good at that you can offer as a service When you have clients, they demand results You are on your own

2.1.5. 5. MLM Great to have team work They will tell you to do home meetings Don't do much online stuff

2.1.6. CTA - Our solution If you want to learn how to start from 0, with no experience Have all the benefits of each model i just explained above ----> Check out this SPECIAL training that we recorded

3. Other

3.1. Vision

3.1.1. We are here in Clear Water FL

3.1.2. Create a movement around the world

3.1.3. Building a community of entrepreneurs from every continent

3.1.4. Giving all the tools you need to succeed

3.1.5. Training that you will only find here

3.1.6. Opportunity for you PROTECT your network, have multiple streams of income, and live the lifestyle of your dreams

3.1.7. CTA Come be a part of this movement and let's change the world together


3.2.1. Welcome video Here is what I have Here is how it works Here is what you need to do next


3.3.1. Where I came from

3.3.2. The vision

3.3.3. How my life is now

3.3.4. How you can have the same life

3.4. WEBINAR INVITATION - Launch Webinar

3.4.1. We are out here in CLEAR WATER and would like to invite you for a SPECIAL webinar where we are going to talk about a new business that we are launching

3.4.2. Who this is for? If you are looking for ways to build an additional income on the side If you would like to be THE FIRST 100 people to get access If you are looking to build something that can be easily duplicated CTA Click the button somewhere on this page and sign up to attend it LIVE MAKE SURE to save the date and be the first one to get there... we have a SECRET bonus for the first ones to join our call