Planning For Future Career

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Planning For Future Career by Mind Map: Planning For Future Career

1. What does career planning involves ? (McMillian, 2012)

1.1. Questions/look into;

1.2. Long-term goals and aspiration ?

1.3. Research my Options

1.4. Where do i want to be like 10 years time?

1.5. Take online personality test

1.6. talk to career adviser

1.7. Look into ecu undergraduate course guideline

2. Tips (McMillian, 2012)

2.1. To do:

2.2. Investigate career options

2.3. Use Personal Development Plan (PDP)

2.4. Establish goals & identify knowledge and skills

2.5. Professional CV, Up to date

2.6. Talk to related people or company about possible occupation

3. How to become a fashion designer (Vaughan, 2015)

3.1. Fashion my Future

3.2. To become a fashion designer - think like one

3.3. F create desire for change

3.4. 9 ways to think like a fashion

3.5. How these skills will help?

3.6. Be creative everyday

4. The Job Market (Springsteel, 2013)

4.1. Ask myself

4.2. what job category?

4.3. What product category most appeals to me?

4.4. Work environment would i like to work in?

4.5. What fashion market segment would i like to design ?

4.6. What type of designer would i like to be ?

4.7. What skills will help?

5. look into Different types of Occupation (McMillan, 2012)

5.1. Do that by;

5.2. Talking to career adviser

5.3. Read academic sources related to the course

5.4. Speak to someone in the field or a company

5.5. Gain Experience

5.6. check course guideline from your institute

6. References