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Easter/Lent by Mind Map: Easter/Lent

1. Why do we celebrate?

1.1. We celebrate this time because it was the last time Jesus would have supper with the disciples. As we take the bread it helps us to believe and be more like Jesus.

2. Palm Sunday

2.1. What happened?

2.1.1. Jesus entered the town of Jerusalem on a donkey and people laid palms on the floor and were waving them at Jesus. Jews gave Jesus a hero welcome into Jerusalem. This happened before his arrest and crucifixion. All of the disciples and people were trailing behind him.

2.2. How do we celebrate it?

2.2.1. The first event of Holy Week also called as Passion Sunday. The palm leaves are often shaped into the form of a cross. We read about this in the bible in John 12:12-19. We also hold a mass in commemoration of Palm Sunday.

2.3. Why do we celebrate this?

2.3.1. This is opportunity to reflect on Jesus life as the next few days he will be crucified.

3. Last Supper (Eucharist)

3.1. What happened?

3.1.1. Jesus gave bread and wine to His disciples. This started with Jesus washing their feet. Jesus said that someone will betray Him. The disciples were upset at this news. Jesus took the bread and said, "take this all of you, this is my body given up to you". Then He said, "take this wine, for it is given up to you." Judas didn't realise Jesus knew He was going to betray Him until the end of the dinner, Judas then betrayed Him.

3.2. How do we celebrate?

3.2.1. We read about this event in Matthew 26:1-17 in the bible. We go to church and receive the Eucharist every mass in commemoration of the Last Supper.

4. Crucifixion

4.1. What happened?

4.1.1. He was crucified because He refused to answer questions by Pilot. He had to carry the heavy cross up the hill to the Place of the Skull, He was helped by Simon along the way. The soldiers divided His clothes before He bowed His head and died. The crucifixion is when he died on the cross next to two thieves and He was nailed to it with His hands and feet.

4.2. How do we remember it?

4.2.1. On Good Friday there is a liturgy that shows us that we should be thankful for what Jesus has done for us. Read about this in Matthew 17: 15-61. This is a time for deep prayer. We go through the steps of how Jesus died during the Stations of the Cross.

4.3. Why do we celebrate this event?

4.3.1. We celebrate this event because it means He took away everyone's sins when He died so we could be forgiven.

5. Resurrection

5.1. What happened?

5.1.1. Mary went to the tomb and the stone was rolled away and there was an earthquake. Jesus appeared in a white cloak. An angel was also there at the tomb sitting on the side of the bed. Jesus rose from the dead known as Easter Sunday. Jesus appeared to His disciples and showed them His hands so they knew it was Him. Jesus then appeared a second time near the water. He then ascended back up into Heaven in the clouds with all His discples watching.

5.2. How do we celebrate?

5.3. Why do we celebrate?

5.3.1. We celebrate this day as we remember the day Jesus rose from the dead. We eat chocolate eggs to celebrate. We read about this story in Matthew 28:14. We all come together at Mass and celebrate.

5.3.2. The crucifixion and Ressurection is the most important and historical event of the Christian faith.