Lawyer Simulator 2019

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Lawyer Simulator 2019 by Mind Map: Lawyer Simulator 2019

1. Story

1.1. Interactive story element

1.1.1. The game shows the ramifications of the players decision in the following days news.

1.2. D.A. in an inner city / high crime area.

1.2.1. Initially starts with minor cases and eventually starts having to handle gang related cases. The tension/story ark builds as the stake holders of the cases (e.g. gang members, BLM protestors, Antifa) try to threaten protagonist to not press charges.

1.3. Covering different controversial issues in law

1.3.1. Free speech in colleges

1.3.2. 2nd amendment maybe the California's ban on ten round magazines

1.3.3. ATF bump stocks

1.3.4. Illegal immigrants

1.3.5. Antifa, masked rioters

2. Character

2.1. Lawyer / district attorney

2.1.1. starts out naive The more money he earns from illegitimate bribes, he becomes more corrupt but also charismatic, creating interest for players for both a good / bad karma play.

2.1.2. pressured to press as many charges from department head Character doesn't want to compromise by pressing unjust charges. If he doesn't press enough charges, his salary is deducted and eventually leads to him being replaced. Is it better for him to play his part in the system?

3. Genre

3.1. Puzzle based game.

3.1.1. Story / script driven. Legal, law story

4. Rules

4.1. Player can choose to decide on the cases that comes to their desk

4.1.1. Match a subsection shown in the law with the evidence on the table. When the player matches irrelevant cases, they get their salary deduced.

4.2. Each day, the player is shown a summary screen with the number of cases that he was able to press charges on, the money that he has, the money that he earned (based on the number of cases processed), and the money deducted from the player making mistakes.

4.2.1. The player is then forced to choose between essentials to reduce spending or accept bribes to increase income. If the player gives up on important essentials, there are lasting consequences

5. Objective

5.1. Earn as much money to pay off student debt and support family.

5.1.1. For a good ending, the player has to build positive karma buy choosing moral legal decisions aligned with the Constitution.

6. Procedures

6.1. Game starts with the lawyer's desk.

6.1.1. Multiple books that the player can open with a list of rules. Other character (maybe an intern) brings photos of evidence. Has to match correct statute with evidence.