Is social media hurting your mental health ?

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Is social media hurting your mental health ? by Mind Map: Is social media hurting your mental health ?

1. Hook

1.1. 18-24 years old: active demographic on social media

1.2. Diagnosis: anxiety, depression, stress 90% 18-29 years old: close to social media

1.3. 70% Canadian use social media

1.4. Often: lasting effects on us

2. Consequences

2.1. Highlight reel: all brightness of our life

2.1.1. Grades, wins, moments with our families

2.1.2. Comparing our behind-the-scenes to others’ trophies

2.2. Social currency

2.2.1. Used to attribute value to good or service

2.2.2. Likes, comments, shares are used as a currency Economy of attention: when likes lead to transactions Ex: Taking down photos because it’s not enough likes, compare to products of the shelf.

3. Online harrashment

3.1. online adult

3.1.1. 40% suffer from online harrashment

3.1.2. 73% witness

3.1.3. More serious: woman, color skin, LGBTQ

3.1.4. 18 years ols boy suicide- his friend took a video of him kissing

3.1.5. Women are sent death and rape threats

3.1.6. An ugly picture for making jokes all over Twitter? Those happen everyday -> a macro problem

4. Strategies:

4.1. Recognizing problems-1st step to fix it Power of suggestion: recognise the problem anywhere after being told about it.

4.2. Audit social media diet: (ask yourself)

4.2.1. Does this fb scroll make you feel better?

4.2.2. How many times have you checked likes?

4.2.3. Your attitude to this photo?

4.3. Creating a better online experience (Not have to follow your friends on social media because)

4.3.1. they might be between the war which you don’t know where it starts.

4.3.2. Or seeing photos from the same angles

4.4. Modeling good behaviour

4.4.1. Teaching children not to bully others, respect and treat others as they deserve.

5. Other consequences

5.1. Addiction from needs of using social media

5.2. Likes are used as good chemicals which encourage us to post and check likes.

5.3. Ex: 7-12 years old students use social media for 2h may have more probability in having anxiety, depression and suicide thoughts