introdustion to computer application

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Computer by Mind Map: Computer

1. Introduction

1.1. Definition - the acquistion, processing, storage and dissemiation of vocal,pictorial,textual and numerical information by a misroelectrics-based combination of computing and telecommunications.

1.2. IT component

1.2.1. proses

1.2.2. software

1.2.3. hardware

1.3. Computer component

1.3.1. input device

1.3.2. output device

1.3.3. system unit

1.3.4. storage device

1.3.5. cummunication device

1.4. Categories of computer

1.4.1. personal computer

1.4.2. mobile computer and mobile device

1.4.3. game consoles

1.4.4. servers

1.4.5. mainframe

1.4.6. supercomputers

1.4.7. embadded computer

2. Software

2.1. System Software - the program that control or maintain the operations of the computer and its devices

2.1.1. Operating system - set of program containing instruction that work together to coordinate all the activities among computer hardware resources start and shut down provide a user interface provide utilities coordinate tasks configure device establish an internet connection control a network automatically update manage memory monitor performance administer security

2.1.2. Operating system Standard-alone - complete operating system that works on a desktop. window 8 mac OS X UNIX Linux embedded window embedded CE windows mobile iPhone OS

2.1.3. Utility Program identifies and fixes operating system problems, detects and repairs disk problems and includes the capability of improving a computer's performance. virus worm trojan horse antivirus program spyware - program placed on coputer without the user's knowledge spyware remover - deletes spyware and other similar programs filters web filter anti-spam program phising filter pop-up blockers

2.2. Application software

2.2.1. forms pakaged software costum software web application open source software sharesoftware freesoftware public-domain software

2.2.2. overview proprietary software - owned by single company off-the-shelf software - that is purchased

2.2.3. personal application word processing spreadsheet database online information service graphic etc

2.2.4. workgroup application - same location or dispersed around the world.

3. Hardware

3.1. System unit is a case that constains electronic components of computer used to process data.

3.1.1. drive bay

3.1.2. power supply

3.1.3. sound card

3.1.4. video card

3.1.5. processor central processing unit CPU, control unit and arithmetic logic unit ALU. Multi-core processor. dual-core processor. Quad-core processor.

3.1.6. memory - that store instructions waiting to be executed by the processor, data needed by thse instruction and the result of processing the data categories the operating system and other system software. application programs data being processed and the resulting information. size kilobytes (kb or k). megabytes (MB). gigabytes (GB). terabytes (TB). types volatile memory - lose its contents RAM. nonvolatile memory - does not lose contents ROM,flash memory.

3.1.7. motherboard - main circuit board, a computer chip.

3.1.8. port and connectors - a peripheral attaches to or communicates with system unit. types firewire port. bluetooth port. SCSI port. eSATA port. IrDA port. serial port. MIDI port.

3.2. The Input Device

3.2.1. type data - unprocessed text, numbers, images, audio and value. instractions - programs, command and user responses.

3.2.2. Biometrics fingerprint scanner - capture curves and indentations of fingerprint.

3.3. The ouput device

3.3.1. any hardware component tahat can convey information to user.