Cold War

Cold War

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Cold War by Mind Map: Cold War

1. Rise Of Communism

1.1. Soviets

1.1.1. Spread Communism

1.1.2. Has to get past US so they can spread it

1.1.3. Communist Country

1.2. US

1.2.1. Stop it The two countries were like UNC and Duke rivalries

1.2.2. Needs to stop Soviets from spreading it (contain it)

1.2.3. Democracy

1.3. Communism was

1.3.1. Where the government would control everything they do They controlled Radio Reading Phones (calling) Property! Their mind basically because with all their stuff being controlled they are basically brainwashed. They also were required to do things like Salute to the army Never ever go against what the government says

1.3.2. It was also getting popular

2. Red Scare

2.1. America is scared of communism

2.1.1. A senator saying America's government had evil communism spies. People panicked But, McCarthy kept it going.

2.1.2. No evidence was found of this After it ended

2.1.3. I mean America was REALLY scared of communism so this caused to to flare in several ways fuelled by Mass Media! McCarthy saying they would OVERTHROW the government

2.1.4. McCarthy probably lied since there wasnt no evidence

2.2. Soviets wanted to make America Communist anyways so the Red Scare could have been triggered by the pressure of the Soviets

2.2.1. It's like a tick that's about to pop

2.2.2. Someone was eventually gonna trigger something bad

2.2.3. Who knows McCarthy might've heard a rumor about it and tell it all over mass media

3. Korean Conflict

3.1. North Korea

3.1.1. Communist

3.1.2. Wanted to become one big communist nation

3.2. South Korea

3.2.1. Democracy

3.2.2. Didn't wanna join North Korea

3.3. Conflict

3.3.1. North Korea wanted communism North Korea tried to make South Korea join them and make a big communist country This made North Korea mad so they had a war But They lost since the United Nations helped.

3.3.2. South Korea didn't South Korea refused to become a big communist country BUT America didn't want to spread communism but to contain it So America helped defend South Korea and they won but the entire war was a stale mate and the lands remain the same

4. The Wall that Divides

4.1. Berlin wall was created by Soviets

4.1.1. Torn down in 1989

4.1.2. When torn down, it showed the collapse of communist control of Eastern Europe and end of the Cold War

4.2. Made to divide the communist and democratic areas of Berlin

4.2.1. Symbol of difference of Soviet Union and western democracies.

4.2.2. People living in East Berlin were forbidden to cross to the western side.

4.3. Divided into three sectors for the allies, there was an American sector, French sector, and Soviet Sector.

4.3.1. They got the portions because they won the war

5. Cuban Missile Crisis

5.1. Missile Crisis

5.1.1. The rivalry almost went to war when the Soviets send nuclear missiles to cuba But America responded by making a blockade to block nuclear supply ships Closest that the Soviet Union and America ever went to war.

5.1.2. Cuba is a communist country on an island 90 miles away from Florida. Since they were so close the Soviets could easily hit American targets, being so close to America. They could have hit New York, Washington and many other big cities

5.2. Ways to prevent it in the future

5.2.1. Since it was so close to being a tragedy America did some things to prevent it. Such as Installation of the hot line Signing of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

6. Vietnam War