concept map 12


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concept map 12 by Mind Map: concept map 12

1. Foreign policy rules according to the us constitution sec. of state

1.1. legislative

1.1.1. power to declare war, provide budget.

1.2. Executive

1.2.1. deals with other countries, secretary of state, negotiate treaties.

1.3. judicial

1.3.1. interpret treaties

2. Idealism

2.1. Realism

2.2. Isolationism

2.2.1. where washington wanted the us to be

2.3. Interventionism

2.4. Imperialism

2.5. Militarism

3. George Washington's foreign policy

3.1. John Quincy Adams foreign policy

3.1.1. not go in search for monsters

3.2. he didn't really want to go to war with other countries, remain neutral with other countries.

4. Monroe Doctrine

4.1. Roosevelt Corollary

4.1.1. Spanish american war, big stick-

4.2. support cause of liberty in america from europe

5. LDS church's approach to foreign policy

6. Present day US foreign policy

6.1. Tools of foreign policy: Military power, economic power, cultural (soft) power.

7. Woodrow Wilson's foreign policy

7.1. Kellog- Briand pact

7.2. Truman Doctrine (containment)

7.2.1. containment, containing the spread of communism. (cold war era)

7.3. moral diplomacy, world must be safe for democracy.