A Culture of Health

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A Culture of Health by Mind Map: A Culture of Health

1. Safe Medication Practices

1.1. Use medication as directed by a healthcare professional. This could be for the safety of the individual taking the medication to resist addiction.

1.1.1. Not sharing medication with someone. This could help the safety of more than just you with taking this medication. This could help prevent dangers with medication usage. Model safe medication practices for others. This is important because I personally learn from observation and from other individuals and by having models to promote safe medication would be useful.

2. Be Your Own Health Advocate

2.1. Engage in activities that will improve your health. Personally an important factor for being my own health advocate would be is engaging in positive activities, such as exercise.

2.1.1. If you are taking medication and it is not working effectively be sure to do something about it and contact a professional instead of acting on it yourself. Asking questions. I know I have a lot of questions about medications but I resist asking these questions. I have learned that by asking questions I can become more informed.

3. Making Health a Shared Value

3.1. By making health a shared value, individuals will realize the importance of health and promoting personal health because individuals see peers advocating their health and they will want to also.

3.1.1. This could aid in promoting civic engagement. This is a sense of community but it will help others engage in a positive behavior that would benefit others as well. This will create a sense of community and will promote positive behaviors. When their is a sense of community, many are likely to follow similar values.

4. Promoting Health Support

4.1. Make sure that individuals are aware of promotion of health. Make sure that resources for this are in fact available. Personally, I think this is important because people may not know about health support services.

4.1.1. By promoting health support, people may be more inclined to pass on the message on to others and a sense of support for health will be more well known. By promoting health support, it will help to remove the stigma around a lot of the topics associated with health. This could include psychical and mental health.