Stacy's Lessons

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Stacy's Lessons by Mind Map: Stacy's Lessons


1.1. Objectives

1.1.1. From MB Curriculum Grade 9-12 Music M-R2: Responding

1.1.2. From ICT Continuum Students should be able to analyse, interpret, demonstrate critical thinking skills & show understanding to justify their reasoning.

1.1.3. Blooms Taxonomy Remember, Understand, Apply & Analyse

1.2. Prerequisites

1.2.1. Set Content PRE-LISTENING EXERCISE: QUESTIONS TO THINK ABOUT What is my first reaction to this music? What personal connections can I make to this music? Have I seen or experienced music like this before? How does it compare to other music works or experiences?

1.3. Ressources

1.3.1. Materials Pen & paper Song Lyrics will be given also, so that the student may be able to go over them after having first listened to the song, to further interpret their analysis.

1.3.2. Facilities School classroom

1.4. Notes

1.4.1. Method of Instruction A pre-listening exercise will be given first. Students will be given a list of questions to think about before listening to the song. Then will be asked to reflect and discuss later, their thoughts, feelings, interpretations, etc.

1.4.2. Content

1.4.3. Method of Evaluation Students will be evaluated on their critical thinking skills, a higher order of thinking is what we are looking for. Are the students able to understand, apply and analyse the song heard/viewed in class, and make personnal references, or connections to real life situations.


2.1. Objectives

2.1.1. From MB Curriculum Grade 5: Social Studies GLO 5.3.1: European Expansion North and West

2.1.2. Blooms Taxonomy Remember, Understand, Apply & Analyse

2.1.3. From ICT Continuum Students should be able to Produce & Show Understanding

2.2. Prerequisites

2.2.1. Set Content Students were introduced to the fur trade in Grade 4 (History of Manitoba). They should be familiar with the bison hunt, the fur trade, forts and posts in early Manitoba, Louis Riel and the Métis nation, Lord Selkirk and the Selkirk settlers. ..

2.3. Ressources

2.3.1. Materials Use of a computer & the internet Google Maps:

2.3.2. People Consult with your classmates and/or teachers/parents

2.3.3. Facilities IT Lab

2.4. Notes

2.4.1. Method of Instruction We will be following the style of a flipped classroom.Students are expected to first do some research on fur trade locations and trading posts in Canada. Then, using Google Maps as a collaborative tool, they will add their findings online to it. They are expected to first do some research at home and will then be given some time in class to complete this assignment. After a couple of days, we will discuss everyone`s findings as a class, and go over it together.

2.4.2. Method of Evaluation

2.4.3. Content European interests in the fur trade shaped Canadian history by leading to increased colonial exploration and development of Canada west and north. Students examine the causes and historical significance of western and northern expansion of the fur trade (mid-1600s – mid-1800s). They create concept maps and timelines to develop an overview of this era of Canadian history.


3.1. Objective

3.1.1. From MB Curriculum Les régularités et les relations M.R.1 Démontrer une compréhension de la notion d`une régularité répétitive (2 ou 3 éléments) en: identifiant, reproduisant, prolongeant, créant des régularités à l`aide du matériel concret, de sons et d`actions.

3.1.2. From ICT Continuum

3.1.3. Blooms Taxonomy Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyse, Evaluate & Create

3.2. Prerequisites

3.2.1. Set Content

3.3. Ressources

3.3.1. Materials Les manipulatifs (des blocs, des oursons, etc...)

3.3.2. People L' eleve et l' enseignent

3.3.3. Facilities Salle de Class

3.4. Notes

3.4.1. Method of Evaluation Est-ce que l'élève peut: -Poser et se poser des questions -Faire des nouvelles prédictions -Faire des inférences à partir des indices -Résumer -Démontrer L' eleve utilise des stratégies de compréhension ainsi que d’autres ressources internes et externes pertinentes tout au long de la réalisation de la tâche. Vidéo Régularités

3.4.2. Method of Instruction Faire l 'enseignment des concepts d' une regularite. Qu' est-ce qui vient avant, apres, et c' est quoi la partie qui se repete?