Taught To Grind Records

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Taught To Grind Records by Mind Map: Taught To Grind Records

1. Name and Bio + Pics

2. Name and Bio + Pics

3. Review Paid Memberships, Start Trial under business email for TTG

4. Wix

4.1. Needs Content:

4.2. Include Multiple "Coming Soon" and "developing" ideas to show fresh content

4.3. Invite Contributors and Explain Roles and Vision to each before granting permission to edit Blog

4.3.1. First Blog Post Covering Purpose and Goal

4.4. Blog

4.4.1. Jair and Josh will remain main contributors

4.5. Merchandise

4.5.1. Wix Store or Shopify?

4.5.2. Add Merchandise Images Link to Shared Album for Merchandise Images

4.5.3. Add Prices Price List verified in spreadsheet

4.5.4. Link Platforms

4.6. Models

4.6.1. Remove Model and Basic Imagery

4.6.2. Add Current Models

4.6.3. Add Upcoming Models Name and Bio + Pics

4.7. Artists

4.7.1. Remove J-Kap

4.7.2. Add New Miami Artist

4.7.3. Edit Style & Content

5. Twitter

5.1. Link to other platforms

5.2. Understand how Twitter and Shopify (or Wix Store) will interact to boost sales

5.2.1. Include Coming Soon posts

6. Instagram

6.1. Determine how Shopify (or Wix Store) will be linked used to boost sales

7. FaceBook

7.1. Link to other Platforms

7.2. Link to other Platforms

7.3. Understand how FaceBook and Shopify will work together to boost sales

8. Shopify

8.1. Choose Shopify or Wix Store?

8.2. Link to other Platforms

8.3. Add Merchandise Images and Prices

9. YouTube

9.1. Remove J-Kap? Or Keep for Past Blog Posts?

9.2. Ensure links to platforms included in all video descriptions

9.3. Link YouTube Videos on all Social Media Platforms and Wix Site to ensure clicks

10. Google

10.1. Claim business on My Business Suite

10.2. Link to other platforms