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TransparentCrowdfunding by Mind Map: TransparentCrowdfunding

1. Voting

1.1. Spending: user clic proposal

1.1.1. proposal vote modal appears user votes via metamask when vote ends

2. user dividends

2.1. user goes to balance page

2.1.1. user clicks payout (metamask call) user gets stabletoken via meta mask call user cash out - takes crypto and pays out in fiatt automatically gives it to them (version 2)

3. transparent funding

3.1. user gets to crowdfunding portal: sees, approved spender, transaction history

3.1.1. user gives money send stable tokens to crwodfund smart contract payment event fullfilled

4. transparent spending

4.1. smart contract ownner - go to expense page

4.1.1. enter expense + note who they are sending it to (payee) send stable token to payee via metamask payee seeks stable token for cash