Future will+Future Going to

Evaluacion Ingles 1

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Future will+Future Going to by Mind Map: Future will+Future Going to

1. Se usa para intenciones y planes para el futuro

2. I am going to call you tonight

3. Sujeto +Verboauxiliar+Going +verbo en infinitivo

4. Sujeto+verboauxiliar+not+going to+verbo

5. I am Not going to call you tonight

6. Verbo auxiliar to be+sujeto+going to+verbo infinitivo

7. Are you going to call me tonight?

8. Verbo+will+verbo auxiliar

9. I will go to the cinema tonight

10. Se usa para hablar de desiciones espontaneas y en condiciones

11. Verbo+will+auxiliar

12. Sujeto+Will+Not+verbo infinitivo

13. She will not arrive late

14. Will+Sujeto+verbo infinitivo

15. Will you call me tonight?