Animal Welfare

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Animal Welfare by Mind Map: Animal Welfare

1. Five Freedoms

1.1. Proper and sufficient food and water

1.1.1. Any owner boarding a dog at the SPCA can provide their own food for their dog if they prefer it

1.1.2. SPCA provide good quality food and fresh water to all animals daily Clean water bowls when required and top up as needed Fed Purina One dry biscuits Good quality Mostly donated by Purina

1.1.3. Meet any animals specific dietary requirements

1.2. Adequate shelter

1.2.1. SPCA provide warm blankets to all animals Blankets provided from donations to SPCA Owners boarding dogs at the SPCA can provide own bedding if they prefer it

1.2.2. Isolation and Quarantine units at SPCA Allows sick animals to get better Able to isolate any outbreak of diseases

1.2.3. All cat and dog cages at the SPCA meet minimum measurement codes Would make cat cages bigger if possible Stainless steel cages Easy to clean More hygenic Specific animal grade materials or concrete

1.3. Opportunity to display normal behaviours

1.3.1. The SPCA provide plenty of play time for healthy animals Play runs for dogs Can exercise two adult canines together for socialisation Combined cat exercise area Only for healthy felines Toys to play with Provided by donations Boarding dogs may have their own toys provided by the owner

1.4. Handling that has minimal stress to the animal

1.4.1. The SPCA dog kennels provide a separate run so the cage can be cleaned without causing stress to the dog

1.5. Access to adequate health care

1.5.1. The SPCA provide for all the animals health needs when they are in their care Separate isolation and quarantine units Newly developed ringworm unit Able to shut off a building or wing to isolate a disease threat Vet on site to care for animals Newly developed surgical unit Maternity unit

2. What is Animal Welfare?

2.1. Laws and Regulations

2.1.1. Animal Welfare Act 1999 Always improving and updating laws as required Helps protect animals from cruelty Enforces the five freedoms

2.1.2. Legislations

2.1.3. Codes of welfare Provide minimum standards of housing animals

2.1.4. Ministry of Primary Industries

2.2. Providing adequate care for any nonhuman animals

3. Assessing Animal Welfare

3.1. Education

3.1.1. Keeping up to date with any legislation changes

3.1.2. Teaching others about the well-being of animals Schools Teach young people so their will be less issues in the future

3.2. Provision of adequate care for the animals both mental and physical needs

3.2.1. If these needs are not met how can they be met or improved

3.2.2. Providing all five freedoms

3.3. Following the law

3.3.1. Advancing and updating the law as required to provide the best care for the animals

3.3.2. Educating others on the law and the consequences of not following it

3.3.3. What laws need to be met to provide adequate care for that animal

4. Animal Welfare vs. Animal Rights

4.1. Overruling animal interests for human interests

4.1.1. Animal welfare We should overrule

4.1.2. Animal Rights We should not overrule

4.2. Causing pain or death to animals

4.2.1. Animal Welfare We should cause necessary pain or death to animals to provide adequate care to that animal we should not cause any unnecessary pain to that animal only the required amount to help the animal Using humane methods to minimise the stress of the animal whilst caring for it

4.2.2. Animal Rights We should not cause any pain or death to animals

4.3. Use of animals for any human benefits (eg, entertainment, sports, food)

4.3.1. Animal Rights We should not use animals for any human benefit Animals should be free to do as they please and not be subjected to sport or entertainment Animals should not be killed for food as they are living creatures It is not morally right

4.3.2. Animal Welfare We can use animals for human benefit Need to be tight animal protection laws to over see this Animals being used for food can control populations of animals Sport can be beneficial for the animal too such as the exercise It is morally right

4.4. Organisations

4.4.1. Animal Rights PETA Against use and abuse of animals in anyway Ethical treatment of animals

4.4.2. Animal Welfare SPCA Prevent cruelty of animals Protect sick, injured abused or abandoned animals Provide the five freedoms

5. Animal Welfare Importance

5.1. Animal welfare is important in any situation an animal is involved in

5.1.1. Is the animal a danger to itself or anyone else around it?

5.1.2. Being able to give that animal the immediate attention it needs in a humane way

5.2. When providing the correct adequate care for an animal

5.2.1. Following animal welfare codes to provide correct and specific care for a particular animal

5.2.2. Providing all five freedoms

5.3. Welfare is important