creative curriculum

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creative curriculum by Mind Map: creative curriculum

1. building positive relationship

1.1. mature thinking develops

1.2. develop strength and skills

1.3. attach values and social meanings

1.4. build knowledge and understanding each other (scaffolding)

1.5. nurturing and positive interaction release chemical that promote brain development

2. social emotional competencies

2.1. help to confront challenges

2.2. positive guidance strategy

2.3. emphasizes value of community

2.4. emotional understanding and explain emotional signals

2.5. develop regulatory skills

3. behavior constructive, purposeful play

3.1. open ended activities, dramatic play.

3.2. memory development

3.3. development cognitive and language tasks

3.4. effectively support collaborative literacy learning

3.5. development of logical thinking

4. partnership with families

4.1. document the academic benefits to children

4.2. culture of children families and communities

4.3. family school bond enhance children's problem solving skills and reduce aggression

4.4. support their children to engage more in learning or activities

4.5. family engagement in child's education experience helps to increase the parents knowledge about their

5. interacting with environment

5.1. engaging in educational experiences like, rocks, stones, insects, and other natural things

5.2. high quality physical activities

5.3. support children attention and persistence

5.4. modifying their thinking in order to make sense of new information and experiences

5.5. healthy brain development through experiences