TEDxAmsterdam2011 Prof. Barry Schwartz

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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Prof. Barry Schwartz by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011 Prof. Barry Schwartz

1. Idea Technology

1.1. Psychologist

1.2. TED speaker

1.3. More information

1.4. @BarrySch

1.5. http://www.swarthmore.edu/SocSci/bschwar1/

2. specially thrilled about human nature

2.1. John Maynard Keynes

2.1.1. the ideas of economists...

2.2. unpack this quote

2.3. Technology

2.3.1. of things adjusting to modern technology 4 different gadgets to your bodies smartphone tablet lot of fans think technology brain scan technology when it doesn't work

2.3.2. of ideas if we understand birth defects we can develop fitting technologies are products of technologies

2.3.3. of false ideas (idealogy) when idea tech doesn't work ideology "IDEA Technology based on false ideas is idealogy..."

3. ideology example

3.1. why do people work?

3.1.1. let somebody do something people work for incentives reward carrot and stick approach

3.1.2. do people only work for pay? no look at TEDx! it's free

3.1.3. "we say he is just in it for the money!" we don't respect them how come?

3.1.4. industrial capitalism mind numbing work then it makes sense to only work for pay?

3.1.5. human nature, to work for pay or is it environment we created

3.1.6. human work place

3.2. is intelligence fixed?

3.2.1. some people when generic lottery?

3.2.2. see Carol Dweck aim do well on tests performance oriented childeren wants to prove abilty believe intelligence is fixed quality mastering childeren want to improve learn more get smarter incremental: you can get smarter seek more information about this research in Stanford Magazine generic differences m vs f 3 stages results more informaton about this research at LiveScience

3.2.3. untrue ideas have a profound impact on us

3.3. self fulfilling prophecy

3.3.1. young girl believe see is bad at math so she is bad at math

3.3.2. false ideas, get rid of them demonstrate falsity

3.3.3. ideatechnology becomes idealogy

3.3.4. sience tech social

3.3.5. human being are not indifferent

4. The Crying Game

4.1. scorpion wants to get across the river

4.2. hop on a frog carry me

4.3. frog: you will scringe me

4.4. why would i do that

4.5. halfway

4.5.1. frog feels pain due to sting

4.5.2. scorpion says: i cant help it: its my nature

4.6. watch the fragment of 'The Crying game' on Youtube

5. unifinished animals (clifford james)

5.1. human nature to have a human nature

5.2. product of our society we live in

5.3. human nature: has been created

5.3.1. not discovered

6. wrap

6.1. 18 minutes

6.2. time is a ceiling

6.2.1. to get 20 speakers in 10 hours