TEDxAmsterdam2011 Pep Rosenfeld

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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Pep Rosenfeld by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011 Pep Rosenfeld

1. Fight, Flight or Make Fun of Your Opponent

1.1. Boom Chicago

1.2. More information

1.3. @peprosenfeld

1.4. http://www.boomchicago.nl/boomchicago/

2. power of comedy

2.1. communicating a message

2.2. where does comedy come from

2.3. human nature

2.4. look at

2.4.1. fight if i look at my ancestors they can't fight

2.4.2. flight not flight

2.4.3. how did end up here

2.4.4. make fun of opponent probably make jokes at them

2.5. we're TEDheads

3. comedy

3.1. founder and director of Boom!Chicago

3.1.1. tailored corporate shows incompany

3.1.2. what do you want to communicate?

3.1.3. they all hate the coffee

3.2. example ING

3.2.1. toiletcleaner howcome ING is firing 2000 people

3.2.2. sometimes get rid of the waste

3.3. june2006

3.3.1. wife pregnant

3.3.2. month later twins

3.3.3. kids where to early kids where inmature

3.3.4. dealt with it by humor FAQ on Charlie & Dante personal interview in letters to self look like kids but only smaller and with tubes

3.4. comedy helped during this dark period

3.4.1. kids where stressful

3.4.2. compare kids to the stressless dog

4. other uses of comedy

4.1. 9/11

4.1.1. cant do jokes about it

4.1.2. did a show 911 forever im American i was in NY when it happend currently at Boom Chicago

4.1.3. turned out no one is looking for a comedian after a large tragic event take the tragedy away of tragic situation

4.2. war on terror

4.2.1. WOII only took 7 years more efficient whole world

4.2.2. War on Terror already takes 10 year

4.3. use comedy to take something back

5. politics

5.1. Obama vs McCain

5.1.1. Obama everyone is full of hope

5.1.2. McCain

5.1.3. Sarah Palin charming likable idiot who works like a charm wrote sketches on here for Saturday Night Live show

5.1.4. its harder to talk to people who you disagree with

5.1.5. how to communicate with people who support minority parties non TED iPad twitter you can't fight 3rd way run let them laugh at a joke example: "there is no global warming" God must be messing with the theromostate

6. wrap

6.1. people only talk/shout and don't listen to eachother

6.2. comedy van help you sneak in!