TEDxAmsterdam2011 Joris Luyendijk

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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Joris Luyendijk by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011 Joris Luyendijk

1. To understand our world

1.1. journalist

1.2. More information

1.3. @jorisluyendijk

1.4. http://www.jorisluyendijk.nl/

1.5. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/joris-luyendijk-banking-blog

2. intro

2.1. 4 books

2.2. host to TEDxAmsterdam2011

2.3. emotional state

2.4. hear something

2.4.1. gets trigger

2.4.2. go on the web 45 minutes later look up from the scream i am more confused

2.4.3. to much info

2.4.4. reinvent info

2.4.5. 3rd milenium: info century

3. solution for info problem

3.1. share your learning curve online

3.2. growing problem

3.2.1. to much info

3.3. insiders vs outsiders

3.4. 3 points

3.4.1. lehman brothers is my money save more confused learn from someone elses learning curve

3.4.2. electric car oil independeces clear air in cities on the web no answer track learning curve its is liberating so many crap info do a column 1st person singular real emotions bewilderment enhousiasm more information about Joris' plan (in Dutch) on paper you cant share you learning curve in the 3rd milenium it is possible

3.4.3. finance for The Guardian learning curve on the world of finance more information at the site of the Guardian start at zero persuading bankers to talk to Joris 2 questions 10 interviews with woman web

4. Why?

4.1. self promotion

4.2. 3rd milenium is cooperation

4.2.1. someone who takes this idea to the next level

4.2.2. share learning curve

4.2.3. document

4.2.4. do research online start a process instead of delivering a product

5. How?

5.1. keep a little notebook with your surprises

5.2. put these moments on the web

5.3. invite others to reflect

5.4. build ever coninuing department store of brainfood

6. going from information to insights