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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Andrew Hessel by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011
Andrew Hessel
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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Andrew Hessel

The stuff of Dreams and Nightmares

Co-founder The Pink Army Cooperative



meet 10 trillion of my friends


grow and devide

double every 15 mins

cells where computers

make biology

intro structured circus

DNA, how to look at it, we know it for 60 years, code for life, Human Gnome project, focus of scientist

computers vs dna


Moore's Law, doubling each year

need AI to link all data to make it human readible

systems biology

reading the code of life

we are learning

faster that ever before

about our life


mycoplasma mycoides

aka synthia, synthetic organism, man made life, computer one if the parents, the stuff of life and nightmares, reverse sequencing process, same process as, formatting windows machine, install linux, now it's a linux macine, conceptually easy, hard in practise, scientist copied from natures code, $1 mln worth of dna coding, from bits to atoms to realtime dna, able to create living breathing organisms


life is programmable

"and man made life"

we can decide what life can do

world changing tech

where, biology operates

moved past Darwinian selection


priting DNA is limited, tech is 1.0

cannot stich together a to large DNA

cost per character

what can we make and bring to the world safely

next gen bio tech

new ways of reseach organisms

new drugs

think bigger, new species barrier

make diamonds

make enzymes

grass that spreads the internet everywhere it grows

major changes between 2000-2100

such as

powerful tool we ever made




can it be used to make something dangerous

virus is just software, virus can also do interesting things, think of just only killing a cancer cell and dont affect good cells, or genterapies, antibiotics, catalyst, Paul Rabinow, there is no such ...

Human Nature

we will change the world




programmig a living world, not just programma computers