TEDxAmsterdam2011 Diederik Jekel

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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Diederik Jekel by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011 Diederik Jekel

1. The Dangers of Fear

1.1. Science Journalist

1.2. http://www.diederikjekel.nl/

1.3. @diederikjekel

1.4. physist

2. fear is not a bad thing

2.1. However, there is unescary fear

2.2. what is fear

2.2.1. fear is negative sensation with a risk assessment

2.3. risk

2.3.1. the change of something happened

2.4. fear guides humans

2.5. world becomes larger

2.5.1. begin guided by fear

3. examples

3.1. CERN replicated was turned on

3.1.1. people where afraid for black holes even an indian girl commited suicide

3.1.2. http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/ Nope

3.1.3. discussion not about yes or no find out what the risks are

3.2. nuclear power

3.2.1. not between greenpeace pro nuclear people

3.3. nano tech

3.3.1. will be the next revolution 21st century will do wonderful things

3.3.2. every ingredient for a fear-based discussion

3.3.3. computer is one lump of nano tech

3.3.4. nano filter can clean water in africa

3.3.5. its a matter of going away of fear where are we running to?

3.3.6. no wher u running from and where too

4. sum up

4.1. handle problems with out understanding risks

4.2. communicatere in a different way

4.3. people hear what they want to hear

4.4. as a small boy was never frightened for a long time