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TEDxAmsterdam2011 dr. Hendrik Schärfe and the Geminoid-DK by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011
dr. Hendrik Schärfe and
the Geminoid-DK
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TEDxAmsterdam2011 dr. Hendrik Schärfe and the Geminoid-DK

Blended Presence

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part of human life

when we look at others

nog everyone is presence

be more or less present

blended presence

2 bodies

be at 2 places at one time

respect human form

blended presence

what is presence




moves along diff axes

image embodies both aspects, see youtube

online reactions to geminoid

meet many androids, how will you react, human side, tech side

we're having some connection issues

see primarily as human being


people find is strange, see it as a machine


in the lab dont test with kids

when kids come to a demonstration

very young minds have trouble, finding out the humanoid, they only see human form, it's the 'uncanny valey'

have automating system, can auto blink, and move its face, breathe

disabling automated system, makes it a doll, use humanoid as a toy, play with, young people like humanoid, near grown ups freak out

humand and mechinical aspect, for some tech takes over, for some human takes over


human form

technology, diffence between tv set and humanoid, body make a real presence

humanoid drives the car alongside the passenger

big gender difference

do you want, a person that you can turn on, a person that you can turn off

robot romance, "I like the smell of robots in the morning", robot mariages, make things that you really love, that is artificial, is impossible


robots are cool stay in school

grown ups: