FUSHENG Planning by Mr.Kriangsak

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FUSHENG Planning by Mr.Kriangsak by Mind Map: FUSHENG Planning by Mr.Kriangsak

1. Short term

1.1. Sale Project

1.1.1. Focus on Internet Marketing

1.1.2. Get the chiller sales

1.1.3. Support Dealer

1.1.4. Get the Applications Engineer for support sales

1.1.5. GO SERVICE project (Only for big customer)

1.1.6. Extend the warranty of machine

1.2. Engineering Project

1.2.1. Air and Water Piping Design Project Installation pipe, air system, factory / pipeline building, new wind system Air duct system Old line replacement, modification Extension of air duct Piping system according to customer model or browse to the job page to design the piping system

1.2.2. Test the machine performance project

1.3. Service Project

1.3.1. Increase sales of spare part Planning to visit customer for offer change spare part more than 2 times/half year

1.3.2. Increase the number of company that we can visit per day (form 2-3 to 3-4 company) Prepare equipment, spare part and document to visit customer before leaving office ***everyday

1.3.3. Find and visit the old customer disappear Get the name of old customer by SAP and sent to technician each area or customer relationship officer

1.3.4. Get the Customer Relationship officer take care customer after sales

1.4. Support our staff

1.4.1. Increase the Diligent Allowance from 1000 THB to be 2000 THB (Staff will come to office early and happier to work for company)

1.4.2. Change Maid and Messenger form temporary worker to be permanent staff

1.4.3. Training new staff system for all position

2. Long term

2.1. Sale Project

2.1.1. Sales everything machine of FUSHENG Group (Turbo and Screw Air Compressor, Air Dryer, Chiller, Tank, Installations Project)

2.1.2. Get more Dealer

2.2. Engineering Project

2.2.1. R&D project FUSHENG turbo centifugal compressor project (Cheaper than Elliot turbo compressor) Turbo Compressor is deserve for Big Company

2.3. Service Project

2.3.1. Expand office form 1 to be 3 office (Rayong, Samut Prakan, Nakhon Pathom) Service and Sales can be work in responsible area and come to head office 1day/week