Piaget's Cognitive-Development Theory

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Piaget's Cognitive-Development Theory by Mind Map: Piaget's Cognitive-Development Theory

1. Key components

1.1. Redefines intelligence, knowledge and the role of the environment to the learner

1.2. children makes sense of the world around them by constructing knowledge

1.3. development of thinking goes through 4 distinct stages -

1.3.1. Sensorimotor

1.3.2. Preoperational

1.3.3. Concrete operational

1.3.4. Formal operational

2. Basic Assumptions

2.1. Intelligence is not static, instead it is dynamic and changing

2.2. human intelligence and other organisms operate in the same way

2.3. Essential factors in cognitive development

2.3.1. contact with Physical Environment is vital

2.3.2. Maturation of the nervous system

2.3.3. Social environment

2.3.4. Equilibriation

3. Implications for classroom

3.1. Education should reply on use of methods that all for spontaneous research of students

3.2. students must be able to collaborate and share among themselves

3.3. Teacher's role is to;

3.3.1. 1. create and organise classroom activities,

3.3.2. 2. provide examples that allow students to rethink their hastily developed ideas,

3.3.3. 3. Elicit student's ideas though indirect questioning techniques