List of Requirements

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List of Requirements by Mind Map: List of Requirements

1. safety

1.1. M

1.1.1. health ATEX

1.1.2. electrical European Standards, ATEX

1.1.3. mechanical Emergency stop

1.2. S

1.2.1. Using AI and Sensors

1.2.2. Electric motor Sensors

1.2.3. No human touch required

2. processing

2.1. M

2.1.1. Tools required inside the working chamber Brush compressed gas ejector gloves through glass

2.1.2. Processing time

2.1.3. Inert gas environment

2.1.4. One Axis of rotation

2.2. S

2.2.1. Two axis of rotation

2.2.2. movable spotlight for details

2.2.3. Movable vacuum cleaner inside the chamber

2.2.4. No modification in original machine or process required

3. Costs

3.1. M

3.1.1. Affordable for SMEs

3.1.2. can be used in small Labs

3.1.3. Recycle powder as much as possible because it is expensive

3.1.4. Minimize waste

3.2. S

3.2.1. As low as possible

4. Quality control

4.1. M

4.1.1. Functionality check

4.1.2. Leakage check inside the chamber

4.1.3. maintenance

4.2. S

4.2.1. using sensors for quality control

5. physical requirements of machine

5.1. M

5.1.1. Dimensions S Suitable for various dimensions M 250*250*300 Sealed environment Well lit working environment Clean part in the end Window

5.2. S

5.2.1. adjustable workplace height

5.2.2. Vacuum Coupling System