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suits by Mind Map: suits

1. low end brand, they have less quality dont really fit. these are really just no name brands or bad quality

2. fabrics

2.1. shirts

2.1.1. Broadcloth, Twill,Pinpoint Oxford cotton

2.2. pants

2.2.1. wool or woolen blends

2.3. jacket/waist coat

2.3.1. Cotton Corduroy. Seersucker Velvet. Polyester

3. terminology

3.1. contrasts

3.1.1. a contrast is were the fabric changes on the suit most offenly on the elbow

3.2. 2 peice, 3 piece

3.2.1. a 3 piece suit has a waist coat onto of having a jacket and pants that match but a 2 piece only has the jacket and the pants Google-Ergebnis fr

4. brands

4.1. HIGH END,some of the best dress clothing is made on sertane rods in the world

4.1.1. Rodeo drive

4.1.2. Saville row Google-Ergebnis fr

4.1.3. 5th avenu

4.2. MEDIUM, when I say medium brands they are great but not some. of these brands are ralphlearn , Calvin Klein and others

5. types of suit

5.1. double breasted suit jacket

5.2. there are 2 types of suits there are double breasted and single rested

5.2.1. a double breasted suit jacket crosses over the fabric and gives it a old look

5.2.2. single breasted only holds together in the front single breasted suit jacket Google-Ergebnis fr,0.5,0,0&defaultimage=default_details_George_rd