What type of problem solver are you

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What type of problem solver are you by Mind Map: What type of problem solver are you

1. Reflector

1.1. Extremely calm in approach

1.2. Dont rush in to decision

1.3. Accept the problem

1.4. Think hard in mind over and over

1.5. Move away to see it from different perspective

1.6. What decision and how will it impact future

2. Innovative

2.1. Gets creative solutions

2.2. Completely different perspective to problems

2.3. Able to fit new solutions to new environments

2.4. Able to fit old solutions to unsuccessful problems tried earlier

3. Inspiring solver

3.1. Social butterfly - Relationships every where

3.2. Different levels of informaitons

3.3. Socialize with problem solvers

3.4. Gets help from surrounding peoples

4. Influencing Solver

4.1. Social in a different way

4.2. Bring people to follow them

4.3. Able to get people to join a cause

4.4. Interact more with peoples

4.5. Able to make others see what they see