The Mexican War

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The Mexican War by Mind Map: The Mexican War

1. Military Leaders

1.1. James Polk: He was the U.S President and he thought we would get New Mexico, California and Texas if we went to war with Mexico.

1.2. Stephen Kearney: He was the frontier officer for the U.S and he lead the army to seize New Mexico and California

1.2.1. Robert E. Lee: He worked with Grant and he was WinField Scott's chief.

1.2.2. Zachary Taylor: He was a solider and commanded troops and became a full fledged war. John C. Fremont: Was a American explorer and solider and soon became a president. Winfield Scott: He was a general and he was against Polk's policies toward Mexico. Santa Anna: She was a Mexican Politician and general. She also defended independence for Mexicans. Ulysses S. Grant: He fought in the Mexican war and became a hero to the U.S. Also, when he became president he tried to fix the North and South.

2. Important Places

2.1. Rio Grande: The border stopped at Nueces River which was 100 miles northeast from the river. Also, it became the southern boundary and Mexican calvary attacked a fort on the river.

2.1.1. New Mexico: It was uneventful during the begging of the mexican American war. Mexico City: Winfield Scott raised the American flag which meant Mexico city was part of the United States.

3. Important events

3.1. Guadalupe Hidalgo: A treaty between Mexico and America that established peace and friendship

3.1.1. Manifest Destiny: It encouraged America to expand their territories and take over Mexican territories as well. Gadsden purchase:Established the borders for the lower 48 states. Veracruz:It was a Mexican 20 day siege and the Mexican were surrounded by the U.S army when they arrived.

3.1.2. Declaration of War: President Polk approved to declare the war in 1846. Which caused Mexico to lose nearly half their territory.