Topic Minibeasts

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Topic Minibeasts by Mind Map: Topic Minibeasts

1. song about minibeasts

2. bugs

2.1. Mathematics

2.2. How many legs does an ant have ?!

2.3. making bugs out of stones outdoor

2.4. counting step towards the outdoor garden

2.4.1. group insects by legs,wings(example insects with wings and insects with 8 legs) activity on paper alround the log circle

2.5. long and short (minibeast hunt for bugs which are short or long,big or small

3. water

3.1. sun

4. earth

4.1. Language

4.2. Story about the minibeasts (Super Worm)

4.3. Discribing ladybug outdoor (bench activity)

4.4. Sharing minibeast hunt experiences with friend

4.5. Oracy activity about favourite bug of mine

4.6. Talking about insects and seasons(What happens to the insects over winter?!)

5. exploring

6. investigating

7. seasons

8. air

9. plants